Street and Environmental – Fall Leaf Collection

City of Decatur Fall Leaf Collection

The best thing to do with your leaves is mulch them with your mower a little at a time and leave them on the lawn. OR pile them up on your garden and let them decompose into free nutrients for the soil. But you can also get rid of them during the Street Department’s on-street leaf collection which usually begins late October/early November and runs through January.

The leaf machines are operated on a continuous clockwise route throughout the City, Monday through Friday, weather permitting. Contractors are responsible for hauling off their debris. This includes leaves! (Code of Decatur, Chapter 19-9)

Please keep these things in mind as you prepare your leaves for pick up.

1. Do not mix leaf piles with limbs, sticks or other debris. The leaf machines are vacuums and are designed to handle ONLY LEAVES.

2. Do not put leaf piles near mailboxes or other obstacles. Leave plenty of space for maneuvering of the leaf machine.

3. Leaves should be piled along the edge of the lawn behind the curb. Do not put them in the street, gutter or drainage inlets or ditches. This creates a safety hazard for children and motorists and can cause flooding. Leaves piled on the street impede water flow and can be washed into our storm water system along with other debris, causing stopped up inlets and pipes as well as eventually polluting area waters.

4. Remove vehicles from streets to allow for a more efficient cleanup.

5. If you have alley pickup for bulky trash, you may also place the leaves there for pickup by the loader truck when it comes through.

6. Leaves may also be placed in your city-issued refuse carts (green or gray) for collection on your regular garbage day.

Leaves that are collected by the City are windrowed and transformed into mulch. The mulch is made available to residents by the Recycling Department at no charge.

Also do not to place anything in the street or gutter line because of potential traffic hazard and blocking drainage.  On top of these two concerns, putting debris in the street/gutter line can contribute to water pollution and those doing so are subject to being fined (Code of Decatur, Chapter 19.5 Storm Water Management).

Remember contractors are responsible for hauling off their debris (including leaves).

Code of Decatur, Chapter 19-9:  “It shall be the responsibility of all fence companies, tree surgeons, nurseries, and landscape contractors or any individual or company doing work on private property to remove from premises all residue and rubbish resulting from said work.”


The Street Department just finished the first phase of rebuilding Harris Mountain Drive.  ALDOT paperwork is in progress to start repaving Carridale Street SW.  Hopefully we’ll start on Davis Street NW by mid-October.

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